Monday, May 30, 2011

Say Cheers to Coconut Water !


It's available easily and has amazing health benefits. It is considered as a natural isotonic drink, as it's packed with a host of nutrients. Here's a list of reasons why you should drink coconut water :

1) It is the perfect drink to beat the summer heat, as it cools down the body and helps regulate body temperature.

2) Coconut water contains calcium, magnesium and potassium, improves blood circulation too. All this makes it a healthy electrolyte drink and dehydrates the body.

3) Digestive tract disorders can be treated by drinking coconut water, as it contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

4) Drinking coconut water is said to lower cholesterol levels. People with diabetes can control their blood sugar levels by regularly drinking this liquid.

5) Coconut water is said to raise the metabolism rate in the body, thereby being good for people who want to lose weight.

Source : TOI

Friday, May 27, 2011

Heat Exhaustion - Part 2

First Aid 

  • Immediately move the person into a cool place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Remove extra clothing from the body.
  • Cool the patient's entire body by sponging or spraying cool water; but do not us ice.
  • Apply ice packs only on neck and armpits; where large blood vessels are in close proximity to the skin surface and fan the person to lower the body temperature.
  • Check the patient's rectal temperature frequently and try to bring it down to 102 Fahrenheit.
  • Do not administer aspirin or paracetamol as these medicines may have some adverse reactions.
  • If the patient is awake and alert enough to swallow, make him drink fluids for hydration. 
  • Also, ensure that the patient is sitting-up while drinking so that he does not choke. Avoid oral fluids if a person has an altered level of consciousness and cannot drink safely.


  • Limit alcohol intake.
  • Discuss with your doctor about medications and drugs that interfere with heat dissipation.
  • Drink fluids at regular intervals and not just based only on thirst.
  • Frequent cooling breaks and visits to air-conditioned / cool environments are important. Even a brief spell in such environment can drastically reduce the incidence of heat stroke.

Source : TOI

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Heat Exhaustion - Part 1

HEAT EXHAUSTION - Long exposure to heat can be fatal. It is essential to cool the body.

Heat stroke is an unnaturally elevated body temperature, caused due to extreme exposure to hot weather conditions. The human body maintains its regular body temperature by balancing heat gain with heat loss. When the body fails to regulate its own temperature and if the temperature rises above 104 Fahrenheit, it is termed as heat stroke. This imbalance damages body cells and releases toxic substances which can lead to cardiovascular collapse, multi-organ failure, resulting in a patient's death.

Who is at risk ?

  • Individuals undertaking strenuous physical activity for a prolonged period, in hot conditions.
  • Patients on medication for cardiac and blood pressure-related ailments.
  • People consuming medicines which decrease sweating (anti-cholinergic)
  • Children below five years of age and the elderly
  • people with a history of heat stroke.


  • Hyperthermia or high fever - temperature at or above 104 Fahrenheit
  • Episodes of headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, breathlessness, weakness, cramps and seizures
  • Muscle pain or spasms
  • A delirious state of mind
  • Profuse sweating
  • Rashes or eruptions on skin
  • Low BP
  • Dry Kin

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - Increase in Baldness - Part 3


Balding represents aging and very few are able to accept this gracefully. While normal hair represents youth and virility, men mark alopecia as an end to their youth. Though balding is a physical condition, it has psychological repercussions in the form of stress, social stigma, being made fun of and facing humiliation by others, lack of interest in grooming, etc.

Balding is not the end of the world. Remember , the more you worry about it, the more worse it will get. There are treatments that you can opt for to curb and get rid of balding. Hair replacement surgery can help regrow hair when baldness is due to hereditary thinning. Dr.Shah suggests natural extracts of plant which have DHT blocking properties and which does not interfere with the hormonal system is prescribed. As for home remedies, green tea acts as an excellent DHT blocker.


  • Use Amla oil on the scalp with the fingers after washing hair in cold water.
  • Ensure to consume a well-balanced, nutritious and a healthy diet.
  • Massage almond oil on scalp two to three times a day, as this will stop further hair loss.
  • Eat plenty of iron-rich foods, like liver, whole grain cereals, dark green leafy vegetables, eggs, dates and raisins.
  • Avoid intake of alcohol, nicotine and caffeine.
  • Avoid excessive use of hair colors and other chemicals on the hair.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - Increase in Baldness - Part 2


Androgenetic Alopecia (balding) is majorly seen in males because males don't have the support of female hormone oestrogen. Khedekar says that the less hair you have got the more testosterone you have in your body/ bald men usually have higher levels of testosterone then other men. Women have very low levels of testosterone, so they are less likely to go bald.

however nowadays even younger women are susceptible to balding due to excessive hair loss. hair expert Dr. Shreepad says, "Women are generally prone to balding as they are more concerned about their style and looks. many harmful chemicals and advanced equipments are used for straightening as well as colouring hair. The excessive or regular use of these harmful products or equipments can lead to more hair loss in women.


An increasing number of people in their 20s and early 30s are facing problem of balding due to stress. "Stress is supposed to be the major cause for triggering the problem in youngsters and also because hormonal activity, is more as compared to the later age group and hence baldness is increasing among young people, says Dr.Shah. Dr. Khedekar says that other reasons like tightly tied hair, iron deficiency, thyroid affected patients, skin outgrowths, etc are also responsible for baldness. However severe stress is one common reason why an increasing number of young people fall prey to baldness.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - Increase in Baldness - Part 1

It's a fact anything that different certainly stands out from the crowd and not necessarily always in a good way, for example baldness. People who suffer from baldness are ridiculed, are the butt of all jokes and don't find many suitors most of the time. And that's because very few people can carry it with elan like Michael Jordon, die-hard Bruce Willis, etc. Today the problem of balding is not limited to the elderly, in fact an increasing number of young people too are facing this catastrophe of sorts. Read on the find more...


Balding can occur because of a number of factors, including aging, skin conditions, poor nutrition, certain medications, stress and most commonly, genetic influences. The reasons vary from individual to individual. Trichologist Dr.Ritu Khedekar says, "When balding occurs as a result of an inherited genetic disorder, it is referred to as Androgenic Alopecia, also known as Male pattern Baldness." If at the time you were born, the genes responsible for hair loss were present, you will likely experience hair loss upon reaching adulthood.

Contrary to popular belief, balding is not inherited from the mother's father; rather, both parents contribute to a child's likelihood of hair loss. Aside from a physical condition, men can bald typically anywhere from their late twenties to well in their later years.

Trichologist Dr. Apoorva Shah says, "There are different types of balding, it can be hormone related or it can be due to various other reasons like autoimmune problems. If it is hormone related, then there is no age limit for balding. It can happen anytime after the age of 12 to 13 years. Autoimmune problems can happen anytime during one's lifetime as it is stress related.

To Be Continued....

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